Monday, September 24, 2012

Assignment #1: Effective Communiation Blog

Paragraph Structure:

  • Read your text (Writing with a Purpose) pp. 166-181.
  • It will discuss topic and supporting sentences, unity, completeness, order, and coherence. 
  • Summarize your reading in one paragraph highlighting the most important parts of the reading.  
  •  After you have submitted your "blog" answer.  Write at least a one sentence response to at least one other person's blog answer.
  • Your blog response is due by Saturday, September 29th at Noon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Effective Composition Blog

We will start our "Effective Composition" Blog on Monday, September 24.  You must respond to the blog and then check back during the week to respond to at least one other person's response.  That is a total of two responses each week: one to the teacher and one to another stduent.  I will be recording your number of total responses at the end of the month for your grade.  I will publish a new "main" comment every Sunday night or Monday morning of every week.  Keep-up.  You don't want to fall behind.