Friday, January 4, 2013

Assignment #10: Effective Composition Blog

Literature Analysis Blog: Due by Friday, January 11, 2013.

First: For your title, state the name of the book and the author.

Second: You will write a six paragraph literature analysis.Each of the following topic areas are required in your “blog” analysis.Write at least one paragraph on each of the topics:

  • Plot Summary
  • Characterization
  • Setting
  • Conflict
  • Theme
  • Point of View and Style
Finally:For full credit and after submitting your blog, read at least one other person’s analysis and make a two to three sentence comment. You are expected to use good grammar and spelling, so maybe type it in Microsoft Word before pasting and publishing it to the blog.

Note: If your blog is over 4500 characters,
you will have to split it into two blogs, part one and part two.

Here is a break down on each topic:

Plot summary: The plot is a brief but thorough summary of the story. You should exhibit knowledge of the five stages of the plot in your summary (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution).

Characterization: The characters in the story are the people or animals that author uses to represent various events and actions. When discussing the characters, please, identify their physical traits and personality attributes and explain how each of them interrelates amongst one another in the story.

Setting: The setting of a story is usually represented by its depiction of time and place. While the author may state the original settings in the story, it is important that readers know that there could be various settings in the story as well. The expressions of events and actions do change from place to place and time to time.

Conflict: The conflicts that occur in a literary work are usually expressed as internal or external. Conflicts are the problems that the characters have as they interrelate amongst one another, and as they express their inner thoughts and feelings in a story. Please, make sure that you identify the internal and external conflicts in your story analysis; and make sure that you use references from the story to support your points.

Theme: What is the universal meaning that the story provides you? How do you explain the fact that you have gotten the message in the story? A theme is usually the universal message or idea that is identified by the reader or audience. In stating the theme of a story, you should be able to express how much meaning and impact that the story had on you. A story may have as many themes as possible; however, you should choose one theme that you can fully discuss, using evidence from the story.
The following two topics can be combined into one paragraph:

Point of view: The point of view of a story is usually the angle from which the author tells his or her story. It is usually expressed in either the first person, second person, or third person.
  • In the first person point of view, the author or narrator tells his or her story; it is mostly used in autobiographical or eyewitness reports.
  • The second person point of view is rarely used in narratives.
  • The third person point of view can be expressed in either third person limited or omniscient.
    • In the third person limited, the narrator is usually not included as a character in the story. He or she is detached from the story; however, he or she is able to narrate the story based on what can be determined from one character in the story.
    • In the third person omniscient, the character is fully involved in the story. He or she is able to see everything that is going on in the minds of the characters and is able to tell the movement of the characters as they progress from stage to stage.
Style: The manner in which an author expresses himself or herself in writing.
  • The language that the authors use to convey their thoughts. What kinds of words are used? Do you find them too lofty and difficult to understand? Do you find them easy to read? How are the words arranged?
  • Figurative language. Is there lots of imagery? Is there flashback and foreshadowing used? Are there lots of literary devices used?
  • What are the structure and organization of writing? Is it in letter form, does it have paragraphs separating main ideas? Are there lots of dialogues or just one long straight narrative? What does the title of the story tell you about what to expect?
  • What Kind of grammar is used? What punctuation style do the authors use?


  1. The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

    Plot: The plot of this story is very complex. To most people around him, Matt is not a normal young boy but a freak that was born of a cow. He is forced to live in a room full of chicken litter and roaches are the only thing that can keep him company. Matt does not even get the simple things that normal children get. He only has old chicken bones for toys. But for El Patron, Matt is his life. Literally! El Patron loves Matt as he loves himself because Matt is himself. They have identical DNA. Matt struggles to understand his purpose in life and is always being controlled by people of higher power. If he were to escape the Alacran, he still would not be free. Matt is marked with something only he has, and it makes him stand out in ways he himself can not even imagine.

    Characters: The House of the Scorpion is made up of characters with very powerful personalities. The main character is Matt. He is the clone of a powerful drug lord, El Patron. Matt is described as a skinny, very uncoordinated boy. He has writing on his foot that says "PROPERTY OF THE ALACRANS". Matt was to live as a normal human being until El Patrons organs would fail, then he was chosen to give him a transplant. Matt manages to escape fate that 8 other failed clones have faced. El Patron is a very very very powerful drug lord who ends up being the most powerful man in the world. He has lived for 148 years by harvesting organs from his clones and hopes that Matt can help him continue his legacy. He was said to sit in a wheelchair all day and looked like a raisin Celia is the one who ends up saving Matts life. She is his caregiver and Matts only mother figure. She is said to be a bit on the chunkier side but has a very fierce attitude. Another character who helps Matt escape is Maria. She is the daughter of a powerful senator named Mr.Mendoza. El Patron loved having powerful friends so he often invited Mr.Mendoza and his family to stay with him which gave Maria no choice but to say in the big house where Matt was. She is said to be the same age as Matt and is very beautiful but has a snotty attitude. Maria goes against her whole family to help Matt be free and run away from death. El Patron had assigned Matt a bodyguard whom also played a big part in the plan. His name was Tam Lin. All of El Patrons bodyguards were all criminals. Tam Lin was a Scottish nationalist who laid a bomb for the British Prime Minister that accidentally killed a bus full of 20 children instead. He showed Matt mountains that he could climb and gave him many supplies so that when the time comes for El Patron to take his organs, he can run away. These are the main characters who build the story.

  2. Settings: This story takes place is Aztlán. It was once known as 'Mexico'. There are parts of Aztlán that are very rich like San Luis and other towns that are filled with poverty like Duragno. Durango is where El Patron and Celia came from. The story moves to Opium which is a strip of large poppy "farms," or plantations between the United States and Aztlán on a narrow strip of land. It is controlled over by drug lords (mostly El Patrón). Opium gets its name from the drugs there. There are also Farm Patrols there who are tended by "eejits,". Many illegal immigrants try to cross the mountains to reach Aztlán or the USA. If they were caught crossing the boarder, they were turned into eejits and would be forced to work in the field. After Matt attempts to cross the boarder, he ends up in a plankton factory. The plankton factory is near San Luis in Aztlán, in the desert left where the Gulf of California has dried up. It is ran by 'Keepers' who run the labor camp. This factory is where plankton is harvested as a food source for the world's growing population. When Matt escaped from the Farm Patrol, he was rescued by the Keepers. Then Matt is held at the factory by the Keepers after he is transferred there from the original camp along the border with Opium. After that, some of his fellow inmates beating and face psychological torture if they even think about questioning anyone or anything. At the plankton factory, there is a "bone-yard". It was a massive graveyard of skeletons of beached whales that have formed sinkholes, which lies near the factory. The story soon moves to San Luis where it concludes. It is a huge city with a huge population described as a fun place to be.

    Conflict: The major conflict in The House of the Scorpion is that Matt always tries to fit in with everyone at the Big House. Even though he is smarter and more musically talented than anyone in the household, he doesn't get any respect because he is a clone. He is not a real human being. Matt is constantly reminded that he was not born like a normal child, but harvested and came out of a poor cow. This affects everything Matt does. He is treated poorly because he is a clone, he misses out on oppurtunies because he is a clone, and doesn't get to live his life as he wants to. Throughout the story, you can see how Matt longs to go out and play with children his age and even go to school. Matts entire life was based on the fact he was the clone. That is the biggest conflict in the story.

  3. Theme: The universal meaning this story provides to me is that everyone is different and everyone experiences many different things. Even thought the story seems a bit confusing, it has a great meaning. You see Matt struggling to find himself thoughout the entire story. At the end of it all, he becomes the most powerful man in the world and got the girl of his dreams. It showed me that even if a whole country, literally, hates me, I can still prosper and become something great. A theme showed in is how friendship can be found in unexpected places. An example is the friendship if Matt and Maria. As soon as they laid eyes on each other, they connected because they were the same age and had many common interests. When Maria finds out Matt is a clone, she slowly backs away from their friendship because she was afraid. After thinking about it, she feels bad and returns to him. They soon begin to like each other, and even end up together at the end of the story. Another example of this theme is the friendship between Matt and Tam Lin. This is a weird one because Matt wanted to explore the world and was always crazy around Tam Lin. Tam Lin on the other hand, was a quiet man who rarely spoke and was a wanted criminal. Matt was really good in school yet Tam Lin could not read or write. Later on in the story, Tam Lin plays a huge part in saving Matts life. Another theme is this story is what it means to be a human and what makes a human. Tam Lin tells Matt something very special at the end of the story that supports this theme. He tells Matt that there is no difference between a clone and a human. This was tough for Matt to understand because all his life he was told that he was a beast and he was nothing. Literally, nothing! They would not even call him Matt, he was known as 'it'. Matt was not even allowed in church service because animals were not allowed. (Even though the Bible does say everything that has breath, praise the LORD). As the story goes on, Matt realizes that there is no difference between a clone and a human. There is differences in opinions, but no real difference between humans and clones.

    Point of View/Style: The House of the Scorpion is told in the third person, but the narrator must be Matt's imaginary best friend. The style of this book is very imaginative because it is kind of a sci-fy story. It is filled with vivid descriptions that allow us to see the settings, characters, and events. That is very powerful in a story like this one because it is a made-up country and characters. I can use one of the most dramatic parts of the story: when Matt meets El Patron for the first time. Nancy Famer writes, "There was something so right about the way the old man looked. His eyes were a good color. Matt didn't know why it was good, only that it was. El Patrón's face seemed oddly familiar, and his hands – thin and blue-veined – had a shape that appealed to Matt in some deep way. " In those few sentences, you can see El Patrons blue veins and you can even feel the connection between them. I would say it is also very dramatic. The author on many different occasions has a character just blow up. The details of their anger only gets us more into the story.

    1. The themes of your book make me interested in the storyline. In my opinion the more complex books are the ones that are more interesting. The conflict of the book seem to tie in with the theme, making the book have a more powerful meaning behind it.

    2. This is an excellent literature analysis. Good job. Very thorough!

  4. The Red Pony, John Steinbeck

    Plot: A young boy named Jody is about 10 years old and he has lived his whole life on his father’s farm. Carl Tiflin, the father, gave Jody a small red pony and he decided to name it Gabilan. The next few days he treated his gift perfectly, brushing and training it. The exposition then leads into the rising action where Jody puts all of his trust in a man named Billy who works for his fathers farm. While he’s at school he leaves Gabilan under the complete care of Billy. The climax begins when Billy leaves Gabilan out in the storm, which leads to him getting very sick. Billy attempts to cure the horse, but a few days later Jody finds Gabilan dead in the forest. While Jody is exploring he meets Gitano. Gitano claimed that he had lived on what is now the Tiflin’s property long before them and it is where he wants to die. Within a few days he is gone, and it is reported that a neighbor had seen him heading toward the mountains with a sword, this makes Jody curious. Carl Tiflin and Billy decided to give Jody another chance to raise a colt, this time they breed a horse they own. It gets near the end of the horse’s pregnancy and complications occur resulting in the death of the mother horse, Nellie. This is yet another example of death that Jody experiences. The falling action begins when Jody’s Grandfather comes to visit. Throughout his time with Jody’s family he repeats his old stories of exploration. Joys again becomes interested in the mountains and exploration. The resolution shows the passion he shares with his grandfather. Throughout the story he has a rough relationship with his father, but he learns that people can be wrong and they do show sympathy. Jody also learns that certain things come with a cost and that death and struggle is part of growing up.

    Characterization: The main characters in the story are Jody Tiflin, Gabilan, Carl Tiflin, Mrs. Tiflin, Billy Buck, Gitano, Grandfather, Nellie and Easter. Jody is an adventurous 10 year old boy and he is also the only child of the family. Throughout the book his various experiences help him grow and accept life. Carl Tiflin is the father of Jody. Although the family is not well off, he does own a ranch where he cares for various horses. His stern character lacks empathy which makes their relationship difficult. Gabilan is a young red pony that Jody receives from his father. He is difficult to train and his death shows Jody what death and anger is. Mrs. Tiflin is Jody’s mother and she is usually inside the house cooking and cleaning. Her passive character shows that she understands Jody’s struggles. Billy Buck is a middle aged man who works for Carl on the farm, taking care of the horses. His character contrasts with Carl and throughout the story he helps Jody through his struggles. Gitano is a character that visits the Tiflin’s house claiming he wants to die where he was born. His personality opens up curiosity within Jody. Grandfather is Mrs. Tiflin’s father who visit’s the farm occasionally. He tells stories about his traveling when he was younger, which makes an impact on Jody.

  5. Setting: Throughout the story the setting is a ranch in Salinas, California. The Tiflin family owns the farm around the 1930’s, which changes the morals and point of view of the characters. In the distance there are Mountains called the Gabilan Mountains which have always brought curiosity to Jody.

    Conflict: Jody and his father always had the most conflict because of their opposing personalities. An example from the book that shows this would be “His father was a disciplinarian. Jody obeyed him in everything without questions of any kind” (p.3). Another conflict between characters is when Jody loses trust for Billy twice, once when he lets Gabilan die and another when the mare has to be killed. Billy also shows internal conflict with himself as he realizes that he let Jody down. Throughout the story Jody experiences more conflict, such as life versus death.

    Theme: The theme of The Red Pony is that as Jody becomes older he realizes how things are different. He matures and starts to see that death happens with nature despite the things he wants. This theme is portrayed in the chapter “The Gift”. The theme of death and life comes back in the next section “The Great Mountains” when the character Gitano comes home to die in peace. When he rides off toward the mountains Jody starts to understand. In “The Promise” Jody realizes that sometimes a life is taken for something else to live. This theme is shown when the mare dies while giving birth to the colt. In the last section Grandfather discusses all his stories, he tells Jody how the world is changing and that nothing stays the same forever. This wraps up the theme of life and maturing and how Jody still has so much to learn.

    Point of View and Style:
    The Red Pony was written as third person omniscient. Throughout the story you can see each characters attitude not only through dialogue but through what theyre feeling. An example would be “He felt an uncertainty in the air, a feeling of change and of loss and of the gain of new and unfamiliar things” which shows exactly how Jody felt without him saying it directly.
    Steinbeck showed sensitivity throughout his writing. The storyline was simple to understand if you knew how to put the pieces together from each chapter. Each paragraph separated main ideas and each chapter separated the main sections of the book. It seemed as though each section was its own little story each offering Jody a skill or lesson. John Steinbeck used a lot of foreshadowing, it was obvious that Gabilan was going to die as hints were given such as Jody walking past the dead patches of grass and the pig slaughter area. Much of the dialogue explained the relationship between the characters and Jody’s curiosity.

    1. The plot summary is very interesting, and I actually want to read this book. I would be interested to see what all happens when Jody realizes what happens to Gabilan. The theme for the story also makes me interested in this book.

  6. A Million Little Pieces- By James Frey

    Plot Summary:
    The story “A Million Little Pieces,” starts with James, the narrator, flying a plane to meet his parents and be admitted into a rehabilitation center. James has a hole in his cheek, four broken teeth, and his nose is broken. When the plane lands in Chicago, his family drives to Minnesota where they stay together for a night and the next morning James is admitted. James went through things that are similar to what addicts endure on a day to day basis. Things such as pain everywhere in his body and constant throwing up. Throughout his journey in rehab he meets two people that he learns can be good friends. Those two people being Lily and Leonard. Addicts usually do not having anything to believe in, so that is exactly what James believed in, nothing. With James loosing hope and getting ready to walk out on rehab, James offers advice, and it goes a long way. From this point on James really tries hard to figure out his responsibilities and what he has to do to get his life on track. The first thing that James needs to take care of are the criminal charges against his in Ohio. With everything that his friend Lily endures, such as prostitution and crack addiction, James has terrible dreams. After everything that James goes through, he figures out his life, and gets sober and eventually leaves the rehabilitation center. At the end the book talks about what happens to a couple of the people. Lily committed suicide shortly after leaving the center, Leonard died of AIDS, and James is still holding strong and sober.

    James Frey is the major character throughout the story. He is a 23 year old man with troubles with alcohol and drugs. While going through a rehabilitation center he meets a few people along the way. One person that he meets is Leonard. Leonard is one of James’ best friends throughout rehab, and he helps him get through tough times. Lily is also someone that is very special to James. Throughout the story Lily ends up being someone that James ends up caring deeply about makes her his girlfriend. The people that make up James’ family are Lynne Frey(mother), Bob Sr.(dad), and Bob Jr.(brother). There are many other people that help James throughout the journey, and many other patients at the center that all play a role in James’ journey to being sober.

    The rehabilitation center is the main place where all the main points take place in the story. This is where a lot of people that are involved either worked their way to be sober or crashed and burned. Throughout the story there are many key concepts, and truthfully good life stories that happen at the center. This was a place where dreams came true and made peoples life ten time better.

    1. The plot of your story sounds really good like something I would read about. I think you did a really good job on writing your plot summary.

  7. A Million Little Pieces- By James Frey

    Going through the story I would have to say that the main conflict would be James versus the abuse of alcohol and drugs. This is something that James has trouble with, but is really what the story line is centered around. Even though James went through many things to get his life straight, he did it. The other conflict that occurs starting in the middle of the book and continues to the end would be the struggle for James to figure out his responsibilities and get his life together. But like I said again he struggled, but persevered.

    The theme of “A Million Little Pieces,” would be that anything is possible if you try and that no matter how hard the struggle you can always persevere. With everything that James went through regarding alcohol and drugs abuse, he still in the end figured his life out and remained sober. The other thing that was a huge struggle but James persevered about would be his criminal charges in Ohio. Even though James went through a lot you can definitely tell he worked hard to turn his life around. Which shows to me that the theme would be that you can do anything that you try for.

    Point of View & Style:
    The story is told in first person and is told by the narrator, 23 year old James Frey. While reading the story you can definitely tell that the story is about James and shows the personal connection with everything that he went through. The tone that he used made you want to keep reading, and his word choice explained everything and made you want to learn what happens next in his life. When reading the story you truly feel connected with James that really makes you want to keep reading. Each chapter was really different from the other chapters and made you feel like you were reading mini stories that in the end wrapped together to make one truthful, heartfelt, and well written story.

  8. Can’t Get There From Here by Todd Strasser

    “Can’t Get There from Here”, by Todd Strasser is a story about eight teens ages 12 to 22 trying to survive on the streets. The main character is Jesse who they call Maybe.. They all are like family to each other, and struggle day by day. As time passes they meet a few people that try to help them, and a few not so friendly people.

    The theme of this story is that anyone is able to turn their life around even if it’s going to be difficult. During the story a little girl named tears who is 12 years old joins the group of teens. By the end Maybe knew that she couldn’t help herself because it was to late, but she knew she could help someone else. At the end a nice man named Anthony helped Maybe get Tears back to her grandmother so she had a safe home in the end.

    These homeless teens live on the streets of New York City. They struggle to find food and shelter but refuse to go to the homeless shelter because they don’t want to follow the rules. During the story they tend to move around a lot. They find an abandon apartment that they stay in for awhile. Sometimes they stayed in clubs for food and to keep warm. Throughout the book there are many settings that stay at just to try to stay warm for the night.

    The main character and narrator of the story is Jesse, but her street name is Maybe. She is described to have a usual skin condition where her skin is unevenly pigmented. She is living with her “family” of homeless kids in the street. She was kicked out of her home by an abusive mother. She has a sense of caring for others when she tries to get the young girl Tears back to her family. She may want her off the streets but as for herself she does not seem to trust adults. She does not want to give up her freedom to exchange for a good living arrangement. 2Moro is one of the clan also, she is a constant runaway. This girl was molested and abused that is why she ran away. Eventually she gets killed by unknown persons. Country Club and OG are two of the older guys that are in the tribe, in their early 20s. They were inseparable until Country Club dies of alcohol poisoning. At the end he dies of a lung condition. Maggot is one of the teens that are on the street by choice. He wants to be on the street because of rebellion, but soon returns to his family. Jewel was kicked out of his home because his family could not accept his sexuality. Rainbow was Maybe’s best friend and her mother had sold her for drug money. She ended up committing suicide by drowning herself. Tears was a young and innocent child that was new to the tribe. Her mother did not believe her that her step father was sexually abusing her. By the end of the book Maybe helps tears find some relatives of tears and helps her get home safely. All these characters connect because they are all homeless and are fighting together to survive on the street and by the end the only one left is Maybe.

    The conflict of this story is that so many kids are left on the street and are fighting for there lives. These kids have to live on city streets to care and feed themselves. Everyone is getting sick or dying and no one can help them because they will not let them. By the end the only one left is Maybe and she decides to give the librarian Anthony a chance to try and help her.

    Point of view/Style:
    The narrator of the story is the main character named Maybe said in first person. She lives on the street so she is smart on the street not with people. Her style is a lot of imagery. The title of the story relates to the story because you cannot get anywhere just by living on the streets, it does not get you anywhere in life. You have to do something to be able to make money and a home.

    1. I liked the story you picked to write about. From all the information you gave I could see the story begin to unfold and understand what is happening. I would like to read the book even from the information you gave.

    2. I would like to read this book. I feel like we might be able to relate to the characters since they are our age. Even though none of us live on the streets, I still think it would be someone relateable to us. We probably have similar family, school, or friends problems, that drove them to live on the street.

  9. Title: Crash into Me by Albert Borris

    Plot: Owen has always felt left out and out of place. He gets to a point in his life where he thinks giving up is the best and only answer. He starts thinking and trying to kill himself. Only till one day when he meet three other teens who have the same feeling and thoughts. He makes a pack with them that they will go on a suicide road trip to end their lives by the end of the road trip that will take them to famous people who also ended their lives. As they go on him and the rest of the teens realize they have a lot to live for and want a second chance in life as Owen falls in love with one of the other girls in the group. They end the trip with promising to get help and never give up on life or each other, not their lives.

  10. Characterization: Owen and the other three on this suicide road trip are the main characters in this book. Owen, the main character has never been the same since his dad walked out on him and his mom once his younger brother died in a freak accident when they were both children. Owen also could never get over the emotional factor of being the one to see his younger brother pass. He meets Audrey on this trip, a punk princess with a shaved head and an attitude. She is the youngest to go on the trip and does not reveal her reasoning for wanting to die till close to the end of the trip where she admits that her parents are drug dealers who have been also selling her to male costumers for their own game. It later says explains her shaved head because of the sticks she had to get after trying to kill her self hitting her head with a frying pan. Owen and Audrey may have their differences but they end up falling for each other and becoming close before the end of the trip. As for the other two teens they could not be anymore different. Frank is the oldest and should be in college but this college drop out just cant surpasses his perfect scholar brother that he could never live up to in his dad’s eyes. While Jin-Ae, was brought up in a traditional Chinese home where she begins to realize she is gay and can’t face her parents in disapproval.

    Setting: The four teenagers start out their trip in Eastern part of the United States and end their trip in Nevada. Most of the story keeps in the confidents of their car. They do stop in many different places of the way to see famous people’s graves that have ended their lives. One grave they went to just for fun was that of Marylyn Monroe.

  11. Conflict: Some of the conflicts that happen during their road trip are their personal and emotional differences. They all have so much emotional baggage that they need this trip to release it all and escape from it. It’s easy to say that they all get under each others skin while trying to fit in and find them selves.

    Theme: The main theme of this book is to find your self and be proud of it. In today’s society this story is all to true and common. For some teenagers and others, it comes to late. Lucky for these teens they realize that life is worth living and there is always two sides of the story.

    Point of view: This story is set in first person. Owen is the narrator and main character. He tells the story as he has lives it. The only time it comes into pass tense is when he is telling about his reasoning for wanting to die and his past experiences. As for the others and when they tell their stories he just repeats what they say.

    Style: The author when writing this book left some factors out. He was a bit older when writing this book and he was writing about teenagers which you can tell some times with the kid of language he uses. He is also a little out dated with saying one of them like Nirvana. Even though it is a classic, he should of still tied in some newer flair. But other then that his wording and facts tied the story great together and made it easy and enjoyable to read.

  12. Ashley Pagan
    Book report
    Hour 7

    The Cage
    By Ruth Minsky Sender

    In this story it says a story of what happen in 1940is around that time. The family lived in the ghetto and always tired to hide in the ghetto where the Nazis could not find them. They made the Jews get out of their homes so they can take them away. They did not know where they were going to be taken. And when the Nazis would take them they would not be seen again. Every day more and more people were gone from the ghetto, they used the Jews to work in the factories which were in camps as slaves, and they work with huge machines that they did not know how to use. Every Jew was shown how to work with the machines and they will have to learn fast. Some Jews were getting sick and they sometimes dye from of what they have, and others will be killed from the Nazis. There was a family and they lost their mother and dad so the older sister had to be a mother and father for her sister and brothers. They hid for a long time so the Nazis would not take them and separate them all, they wanted to stay all together. Then one day the police found out that they did not have parents so they had to go to court and they gave her a chance to adopt her own sister and brothers. They started to run out of food, so they decided that the only hope they had was to go to the camps and hope for the best. There were some friends that were close to them and they also decide to go. The older sister got really sick and they did not have a real doctor and she needed a real doctor. So they decided to take her out of the city where they can find a real doctor, every time they went to a doctors office they all said no because she was a Jew. Then last minute they found one that took her in, they did what they could have done. After that they did what they could have done she was sent back to the came to work again. She lost all her siblings she did not know where they were or even alive. Then a day came and the Nazis told every Jew to stop and they were all out of site and the Jews were looking for them and wondering where they went. Then some people were like we are finally free then some people were saying this might be a trap so do not move, they all waited for a while and they did not see them so they all decide to be free and each went their own way. Then the older sister started to look for her siblings then she went back to were they lived seen some people live there and act what happen to the things that were left behind and they threw them all away so she went to look for that stuff and nothing was found. Then she went to the grave to see her brother and prayed and cried. Then in the end she found her siblings that were left.

    There was a mother with children, she was a worried mother of her children and always trying to protect them. There were Nazis which were curl and mean, they forced the Jews to work and sometimes even killed them. They always had rifles and uniforms. Nancy was the daughter, she was the oldest from all. All her children were happy, healthy, and strong at one point. Nancy was always worried and scared but always strong. They had lost of friend that they were all friendly and nice and always helped.

    The time of the story was from 1939 through May 7th 1945. There was lots of death, people without moms, dads, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and so much more. People were slaves in the camps and they were forced to work, some were sick or killed. People lived in the ghetto with hardly food or heat. They suffered and carried and got very sick.

    The Nazis were getting people form the ghetto so they can be slaves for them and the people for the ghetto were always trying to hide. If they lied they were taken, if they stoled they were killed. They had to follow and listen to the rules of there freedom. They were forced to do thing.

  13. Theme:
    I think that in this story it let us know how life was at that time and what happened. The message that I think is important in the story was “if hope is lost, all is lost,” which that means never to give up on hope think for another tomorrow. I like how they said that even though they lived that hard life. And they also prayed and never gave up for a better future.

    Point of view:
    I believe it is the first person because when the story starts it starts with “I.”
    The style is that is start nice and good and then the suffrage starts and the cruelness gets worse and then it ends with an okay and happy ending. I like it, it was a very good story.

  14. Love, Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli
    Summary: This story is a sequel to the book Stargirl also written by Jerry Spinelli. The main character Stargirl writes “the world’s longest letter.” She is new to the town of Phoenixville and still in love with her ex boyfriend Leo from the Stargirl book one. She befriends Dootsie a young child, and Betty Lou a middle age woman, who becomes a mother figure to Stargirl. She meets a boy Perry, and her feelings get torn between Perry and Leo. She throws a winter Solstice party and is surprised with many guests. Finally, she figures out her true feelings.
    Characterization: Stargirl is the main character and is a people pleaser. She is a curious teen, just trying to grow up and live. She is mature and very in touch with her feelings. Dootsie is a five year old little girl that is befriended by Stargirl. She is outgoing and lives life carefree with no boundaries, just like the typical young child. Perry is the delinquent Stargirl develops feelings for, but when his mom gives birth to a baby, he really grows up and matures. He becomes very caring and helpful making Stargirl like him even more. Betty Lou is the friendly neighbor that is Stargirls go to person. She gave Stargirl advice throughout the whole story.
    Setting: This story is set in a modern day 21st century neighborhood. The city is called Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The kids go to school, the park, etc.
    Conflict: I think there are two major conflicts throughout the story. One is plain and simple growing up. Everyone knows it’s hard to grow up and mature but throughout the story you see many different cases throughout different characters not just Stargirl. Secondly, Stargirl finds out her true feelings, especially in following her heart with her feelings for boys.
    Theme: The theme of the story is to be yourself and follow your heart. Stay true to yourself and remember yourself. You are important.
    Point of View/Style: Love, Stargirl is written in first person, with Stargirl being the narrator and telling the story from her eyes. It is very poetic and has short random thought sentences. It has a lot of expression through feelings.

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